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Mission: To make available to anyone interested, obituary information originating in the areas of Northern Chester, Western Montgomery, and Southern Berks Counties of Pennsylvania.

Time Period: 1858 through 1932

Information Available: Death Notices, Obituaries, and Funeral Notices

Cost: Individual copies of any death notice, obituary, or funeral notice can be acquired at a cost of $1.00 each. Many of the articles can be emailed after payment is received, which will eliminate applicable postage charges. If there should be more than 10, the US Postal Service will be suggested, and which would require postage to be included in payment.

This is not a “for profit” site. The intent is to support the Pottstown Public Library with 60% of the funds received, with the difference retained to cover the cost to keep this site active and available. If successful, the intent is to expand with more service.

Tri-County Area Map

The source of the information, that is available, lies within the approximate boundaries as depicted in the map at the top of the right column of images.

You May Contact Me By Sending An Email To:

Introduction to Necrology Index

Necrology is a list of the recent dead, an alphabetic index by surname and then by given name for all individuals identified in 3 Pottstown Necrology books:

These books cover a tri-county area which encompassed western Montgomery, northern Chester, and southern Berks counties.

The information that is supplied defines not only who the person was, but where the individual lived, plus their age at the time of death. In many instances, the name of the cemetery where the person was interred is identified.

The point of these listings was that no matter who died, they were listed because there was a connection either to the Pottstown area as a citizen, or as someone who was a native of the Pottstown area but moved elsewhere, or who had a relative that still resided in the area surrounding Pottstown.

The roster of people that were visited by the tireless reaper also lists children, as well as to identify who their parents were. It includes persons that died elsewhere, but who were buried in Pottstown cemeteries. One last item of interest is that it also included some persons that were from localities outside of the immediate Pottstown vicinity.

There were no surviving necrology listings for the years 1884, 1886, 1919, and 1920.

The listing for 1918 is incomplete. Missing are the months January through September for Adults that died within the borough of Pottstown. Ironically, the months from October through December are available and the deaths listed encompass those that perished during the outbreak of the Spanish Influenza. The listing for children and for those that died outside of Pottstown is complete for the calendar year.

The index is simple to use and locating an individual is easy. The first number next to each name denotes the Book number, with the number following the colon being the page therein. Once I am aware of your needs, I can email the date of death and cemetery locations.

In many instances, obituaries were written of ones passing. Based on the person’s status within the community, these articles would range from a few lines to several paragraphs.

Here is a searchable PDF file:

Pottstown Area Necrology Index

Compiled Surname Files

A compact disk can be created of all available articles for a given surname. This would include all death notices, obituaries, funeral notices and any other available articles covering military, marriages, or other general information available for that surname. An example of area names are listed below, but many others are available.

Cost for a Surname CD varies depending on the number of articles contained on the CD:

Postage, shipping, and handling costs are $ 3.00 for mailing the CD.

These are not returnable as the information can be easily copied to a computer hard drive.

If you have an interest, please contact me and I can give you an idea of the quantity available per surname. Upon agreement, I will need at least a two week lead time to create the disk.

Cemetery Burials

Over the past ten years I have had the opportunity to help others to locate obituary information from local newspapers. From that information, I have created a database of burials by name, date, and cemetery where the burial occurred.

This file is in alphabetical order within each cemetery. This is for reference, however if there is an interest in acquiring the obituary, you can email your request to me. If you have an interest in others and know the date of death, I can acquire a copy if one exists. These lists will be updated periodically.

Here are searchable PDF files:

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